runDisney Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend 2018

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It's been a little over a month since runDisney's Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend and since we came together last night to podcast about our experience, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of my favorite moments the best way I know how: through photos. 

After waking up before the sun has risen, we started our drive up to Orlando (from Miami) and had girl talk the whole way. As a busy mom, I truly soak in these rare moments of freedom. LOL After looking forward to this for so long, I was ready! Our weekend began at the Magic Kingdom. We had breakfast at Be Our Guest, which was pretty fantastic. I've had lunch and dinner there, but this was my first time having breakfast. It was Shalima and Khrista's first time ever being there in general, so it was extra special. I thought it would be such a wonderful way to begin our trip and really immerse ourselves in the experience, so when I saw that a table opened up, I had to have it. It went so well and the food was great. Shalima and Khrista both ordered the Open-Faced Bacon and Egg Sandwich, while I ordered the Feast A La Gaston. We all had coffee and shared the platter of pastries that was included. Our meals came out very quickly and everything was delicious. 

After our meal, we headed straight to the new Purple Wall. We were so excited about this! We picked up the new Millenial Pink Milkshake (at Auntie Gravity's Galactic Goodies in Tomorrowland). and lived our best Disney life at the wall. Have you seen this yet? It's so pretty! It's a strawberry shake with cotton candy and marshmallows. We took so many fun photos of each other with it against the wall. The best part was that we met a really nice girl who offered to take a few of us together -- and I love how they turned out!

Photo Apr 20, 2 54 49 PM.jpg

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Photo Apr 20, 2 56 36 PM.jpg

We then headed to the Expo to pick up our packet (bibs, tees, etc.) and see all the Disney merch and vendors. They had really fun photo opps that we couldn't pass up! We got so lucky with finding some really awesome people who were kind enough to snap some photos of us.

Photo Apr 20, 4 52 28 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 20, 4 51 01 PM.jpg

After going to the Expo, we visited Animal Kingdom to enjoy Tiffins and the moss walls of Pandora. I have to say that AK is becoming my favorite park. My boys love going there and we've had so many special moments there. My heart is definitely at AK now. Speaking of the awesomeness of AK, we absolutely fell in love with Tiffins. The food and drinks were amazing and the prices were very fair! Mostly, we just loved the experience. The look and feel of the whole place was incredible and we really enjoyed the story behind the restaurant. It just felt whole and inspiring. 

Photo Apr 23, 1 45 24 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 20, 5 51 48 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 20, 5 50 58 PM.jpg
Photo May 10, 4 25 44 PM.jpg
Photo May 10, 4 26 34 PM.jpg

As our first adventure-filled day came to an end, we settled in at Nicole and Carlos' apartment to get a rest for the 10K. The alarm went off at 2 AM and by 3 AM, we were on our way to Epcot to get on the buses that would take us to the start line at Magic Kingdom. Once we arrived at MK, we met up with the rest of our running crew. From left to right: Misty, Shalima, Geoffrey, Me, Dave, Carlos, Emily, and Kevin. Not pictured in the group photo below is Nick. He's our third Darth Maul. 

Photo Apr 21, 5 15 28 AM.jpg
Photo Apr 22, 6 53 39 PM.jpg

We all crossed the finish line within seconds of each other and I got to do it with Shalima. She did Otis' version of "Thumbs up!" (He uses his index finger instead of his thumb). You guys, the joy is insane! If I had to make a list of the top moments of my life, crossing all these finish lines would be way up there. 

Photo Apr 21, 4 13 30 PM.jpg

After a fun 10K, we had a delicious group breakfast to celebrate. A few of us went back to the Expo and others relaxed and prepped for the Half Marathon. We all enjoyed an amazing Pasta Party that Nicole put together. It was such a great time! The food was absolutely delicious and it was so nice to get together with everyone. Once the Pasta Party was over, we all called it a night and went off to bed around 8 PM or so. We had to get as much rest as possible since some of us were hoping to PR and some were about to run their first half marathon ever!

Below is the group shot before we took off. We had a fewness faces join us for this one, like Khrista! 

Photo Apr 22, 5 08 26 AM.jpg

Mile 10 was an interesting one. You’ve come so far and the finish line is so close, yet by that point you’re tired, in pain and hot. Between mile 7-8, Shalima had a meltdown. She cried and swore she’d never finish. We ran past Geoffrey and his knee was shot. Just past mile 9, Khrista was in pain and couldn’t even walk. I didn’t hit my “When is this going to be over?” until mile 12. With just a little over a mile left to go, my left ankle started to hurt and I didn’t realize we still had to go around the World Showcase at Epcot. In my head, I thought mile 13 would be much closer. By then I was pretty delirious - running on 2 hours of sleep for two days and a 10K the day before. A mile is a mile, but that last bit went on FOREVER. In the end, the three of us crossed that finish line together and it was amazing. There were tears, group hugs and so many medals.

Photo Apr 23, 1 43 34 PM.jpg

We collected our medals and took so many photos! I got medals for the 10K, Half Marathon, Challenge, Virtual Half, and the Kessel Run. My neck was feeling pretty heavy, but my heart couldn't have been more full.

Photo Apr 22, 6 49 04 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 23, 1 42 59 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 22, 7 05 58 PM.jpg

I'm so pumped for next year's Star Wars event. It's called Star Wars Rival Run Weekend and it'll take place on the weekend of April 4 - 7th, 2019. I will be there and so will most of our running crew. Join us! We will be running for the dark side of the force!

Photo Apr 22, 7 04 42 PM.jpg

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