believer of warm snuggles, sweet kisses & long naps.

My Story

Hello and welcome! My name is Michelle and I'm the founder of Hello Naptime. I'm a wife, mama of two boys and a wedding photographer based in South Florida. 

The story behind Hello Naptime is one that I'm sure resonates with so many of you. As a work from home mama, naptime gives me the freedom to follow my dreams and work to support the ones I love so dearly. Naptime opens a world of possibilities. Somedays, I pour myself a cup of coffee and catch up on my latest favorite show on Netflix, other days I edit weddings, somedays I meet up with my girlfriends for some much needed girls' outting. Always though, I think about my children. As much as I'm glad naptime allows me a bit of time to myself, it also gives me time to reflect on those two amazing gifts that I've been given. My children are my world. I'd be lying if I said I didn't scroll through the photos or video clips of them on my phone while they sleep. Their smiles and giggles fill my heart and I'm all too quickly yearning to have them in my arms and remind them that they are so loved.  

Hello Naptime is my story, but it helps represent the lives of so many mothers who hustle while their children get some shut eye. Whether you're trying to finish up laundry and get dinner started or you're running a business in your pajamas and dry shampoo-covered hair, this is for you. I am all those things and I know there are many of us out there juggling it all... one naptime at a time. 

On this blog, I'll share everything from my running goals to our latest trip to Disney. I'm obsessed with Disney, so get ready! I plan on giving you insight into our home as well as fun activities to do with your children. Myself, along with some trusted friends and professionals, hope to inspire you and help you feel like you're truly part of a community that's so much greater than you ever imagined.

Our shop features our signature Naptime collection (my personal favorite is the "No Nap" tee!), our #WeddingHangover collection (for all my wedding industry friends!), as well as a couple that are Disney-inspired. 

If you've gotten this far, I really thank you for visiting and I hope you follow us @hellonaptime for the latest on our blog and shop. 

Photos by: ashley mccormick photography - lace robe by: girl with a serious dream